First Ride of the Season

With a month and a half before departure I decided to put down some homestead chores and projects and start getting my electric handbike ready for the road. Tires low on air, compressor not working, grrrr. Gel seat cushion awol. wtf. Throttle still busted. aaaaaahhhhhh. Garage full of honey bees, bzzzzz. Connector pins missing from my trailer. $&@*#@(* I just want to go for a ride.

I got my electrical components from Grin Technologies in Vancouver, BC and had my good friends at Toby’s Cycleworks do the install. The Grin Tech boys and girls really know their stuff and Toby and the gang at Cycleworks do spectacular fabrication work and kept me rolling and sliding for years when I lived in Vancouver. Thanks for the gear and countless hours in the shop tinkering to get things just right!

Unfortunately, my throttle died after about 600km. When they guys set up the electrical system, they opted to have the stock wiring upgraded to a heavier gauge (good idea) but used a glue that dissolved the wire insulation and made the plastic throttle brittle (fail). With a new throttle in hand, some minor hacking to get it on, trailer pin fabrication complete, pumping up low tires with a tiny hand pump, cushion improvised, ride one of the season went off without incident! I missed riding my bike. It felt soo good to be back out on the road again after almost a year without riding. Stay tuned.


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