In a nutshell, I’m striving to cut the CO2 emissions out of my life and where not possible, find or create solutions to sequester carbon in the soil, trees and wherever else seems feasible and beneficial.

Right now, transportation is due for an upgrade. Last year, I outfitted my handbike with a 48 Volt, 20Ah electric system that does a wonderful job of moving me 80 – 100km at 45km/h. My next goal is to expand the capacity of my battery system and add solar panels so that it can be, at least in part, self-charging and emissions-free.

I am undertaking this project because I’m planning to move to the Austin, TX area this fall and want to get there with solar and arm power and then be able to rely on my bike for most transportation needs in the future. I’m out to show it’s possible to cover significant distances reasonably quickly using electric bike technology and not leave a plume of CO2 in the atmosphere.

My goal is to complete the trip in a 7 – 10 days. It will depend on the weather to some extent and whatever challenges, hurdles or opportunities present themselves along the way.

I’ve launched a fundraising campaign to complete the next round of enhancements to my bike. I’ve spent about $10,000 to date on the bike and need another roughly $3,500 to $4,500 to make it viable for this trip (and beyond).

Project Budget

2 x 48V AllCell Tech Ebike Batteries $2000
1 x Genasun Solar Lithium Battery Charger $400
1 x Inverter $200 – $500
1 x Custom trailer hitch $300 – $500
1 x Front mounted fairing & custom mounting hardware $200 – $500
Aluminum racking for solar panels $200
Wiring, misc tools, connectors and hardware $100 – $300
Total $3500 – $4500


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