1. When will I complete the trip?
  2. How far is it?
  3. What if I raise more money than is needed?
  4. How much of my own money am I putting in?
  5. What speed and distance capacity does my bike have?
  1. I will complete this trip mid-October 2013. It will depend on how quickly I can build the custom racking and wire up the panels, batteries and charge controller.
  2. The most direct route is approximately 2700km. Since I will be avoiding busy roads and highways, I suspect the final total to be closer to 3000km.
  3. If more money is raised that is required to complete this project, I will use any surplus to convert my tractor to run on waste vegetable oil. This will almost entirely eliminate diesel fuel from farm construction and maintenance work.
  4. To date, I have spent close to $10,000 getting my handbike into its current form.
  5. My bike currently has a 48V system with a 20Ah battery. It has a range of 80 – 100km on a charge. It’s top speed is approximately 45km/h. The new system will jump it to 250 – 300km per charge plus make it a self-charging vehicle.


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