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Justin Tilson

GPO Candiate for Algoma Manitoulin

Why GPO?


Ontario, like other modern economies is facing a time where our collective skills must all evolve or we risk being left behind. The jobs of the future need entirely new skills and new education. Efficient, distributed, and automated clean tech is the way of the future. Many jobs will disappear in the years ahead, others will be created. We must accept this reality and strive to not just follow but lead. To be an active participate in this economy, Ontario needs a government that is keenly aware the coming challenges and are ready to not only embrace change but actively participate in creating it.


A thriving economy requires a healthy, educated, engaged, and empowered populace. How do we get there? A minimum basic income can provide a safety net for those struggling to find stable ground to grow on. Modern, compassionate mental health care can assist the most vulnerable among us. Basic, universal dental care can help many avoid costly and painful treatment down the road. Relevant and affordable post secondary education can be accessible to all who seek it. Living wages can be the law of the land. The GPO ardently supports this vision for Ontario and is dedicated to making it so.


To sustain thriving communities and a robust economy, Ontario needs to courageously defend and sustainably use its natural resources. Clean air can once again be the default as we push to electrify transport. Clean water demands that we protect watersheds, eliminate plastic pollution, and reduce agricultural run off. Resource extraction is necessary but requires a measured and sustainable means of production. First Nations rights can and must be respected before, during, and after development. The profits and proceeds from resource extraction activities must be shared broadly to the benefit of all Ontarians.

Why Justin?


Local business owner, employeer, not-for-profit director.


Born and raised on Manitoulin Island. Staunch advocate for local economies.


Creating a prosperous, connected, and sustainable economy in the North.

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